Flagship Class

The flagship class at Northern New Mexico Community College, taught by Quentin Wilson, will be April 28 to May 9 in El Rito, NM. The class is Arches, Domes and Vaults, ADOB 112 and tuition is $54 plus $30 for fees and administrative items. Possible lecturers are Simone Swan and Greg Seelhorst who has 9 years experience in Africa and association with John Norton’s Woodless Construction. For more information visit the Quentin Wilson Website.

Mexican Adobe Home


The title of this photo postcard reads, “Mexican adobe home with bake ovens in front”. Date unknown. Possibly New Mexico.

Coo-ee Heritage Centre

The $1.2 million Coo-ee Heritage Centre officially opened in March last year. “It is a very unique architectural design and the walls and floors of the gallery are made of rammed earth,” Coo-ee Heritage Centre manager Libby Kermond Carr said.