Earth Architecture at Cranbrook


Ginger Krieg, Dharmesh Patel, Paul Puzzello and Juan Torres, Students from the Cranbrook Department of Architecture, are experimenting with Hand formed soil/clay bricks. (non-fired) They built a wall from the bricks utilizing random soil found in the Detroit metro area. The dimensions of the bricks were 3″ x 6″ x 12″ comprised of only sifted soil and water. In the 10-day project approximately 400 bricks were produced. More images 1| 2 | 3

Lak’a Uta Project

The Danish International Human Settlement Service has constructed several earth houses, called the The Lak’a Uta Project, on the Bolivian plateau. Together these houses make ‘Centro Lak’a Uta’. In the local language of Aymara ‘Lak’a Uta means ‘homes of earth’.