Building With Clay Workshop in Poland

A Natural House – Building with Clay Skill Building Workshop in Poland with Architect Wojciech Brzeski will take place on 3rd June and 9th June 2007. During the five-day workshop, one will learn the techniques of sustainable clay building. Mr Brzeski has been building houses with clay for over 25 years and as the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of building becomes more and more important this is an invaluable opportunity to work with an experienced architect to learn the techniques of this traditional craft. The anticipated costs including flight, accommodation and workshops are £570. For more information email:

Sea, Sand and Mud

An interesting building material production technique is outlined in a recent article by the BBC which suggests a Russian technique for manufacturing building blocks out of sand and seawater. The article also notes that unfired mud brick (adobe) technology has taken off in the US, dispensing with the energy used in firing traditional clay bricks.