Adobe Conservation: A Preservation Handbook

Adobe Conservation: A Preservation Handbook is a richly illustrated guide is acknowledged as the best source for expert, field-tested information on the care and maintenance of historic adobe buildings–from small vernacular structures to the great Spanish Colonial missions. As a true ‘how-to’ manual, it presents a user-friendly and straightforward approach to the assessment, maintenance, preservation and restoration of earthen buildings based on time-tested techniques. Subjects include: architectural styles and materials; tools and equipment; materials and supplies; emergency shoring; moisture testing in adobe walls; material selection, mixing and testing; making adobe bricks; repairing and rebuilding adobe walls; repairing cracks in adobe walls; mud and lime plastering; earthen and lime finishes; removing contra paredes; repairing corbels; inspecting vigas and corbels; splicing vigas; compliance with State and Federal cultural resource protection legislation; glossary of terms; and bibliography.

Cornerstones Community Partnerships in Santa Fe, New Mexico is devoted to the preservation of the architectural heritage and community traditions in New Mexico and the American Southwest. Through its nationally honored technical assistance, applied learning and traditional building skills programs, Cornerstones has assisted more than 300 rural Hispanic and Native American communities with the preservation of historic and culturally significant earthen buildings. Cornerstones has developed and utilized the techniques in this book throughout the American Southwest since 1986.

North American Rammed Earth Builders’ Association

The North American Rammed Earth Builders’ Association (NAREBA) is a not for profit entity that offers the opportunity for its members to share in the passion for working with earthen materials and to contribute to the advancement of RE construction. NAREBA builders share a resource base of over 150 years of collective building experience and have committed to building RE walls with the highest standards in the industry.

AdobeUSA 2009

The 5th Adobe Conference of the Adobe Association of the Southwest, AdobeUSA 2009, will take place May 15 and 16, 2009 in El Rito, New Mexico on the campus of co-sponsor Northern New Mexico College in Cutting Hall Auditorium.

Call for Papers Schedule:
November 15, 2008: Abstracts due. One page maximum on 8-1/2? x11? paper.
December 15, 2008: Notification of paper acceptance.
January 15, 2009: AdobeUSA begins accepting full paper submissions.
February 15, 2009: All full paper due. 7-page maximum including graphics.

Subject Categories:
Education and Technology Transfer
Heritage and Conservation/Preservation
Techniques, Materials and Their Properties (including Seismic and Thermal)
Earthbuilding in Contemporary Architecture

Submit abstracts by mail, fax or e-mail (attached as a DOC file using our template above) to:
Quentin Wilson, Speakers Committee
PO Box 426, El Rito, NM 87530
Fax: 1-505-581-9156

Presentation Details:
Presenters will have 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes to answer questions. Time limits will be carefully monitored. Full papers for publication must be submitted in DOC format.

How To Build a Compressed Earth Block Home

Hallock’s Colorado-based company, Earth Block Inc, has developed an especially efficient and affordable process for earth block production. “Earthen walls have always been the best,” Hallock said during a press tour of the Baja, Mexico facility where he oversees the production of compressed earth blocks (CEBs) for construction at The Villages of Loreto Bay. Compressed earth blocks were chosen for the new resort community because they can be made economically from local materials. CEBs are also energy-efficient and durable. “Bugs don’t eat them and they don’t burn,” Hallock said. The How-To begins here.