Dwelling in Beja

The Dwelling in Beja is a single-family dwelling built of rammed earth and a mixed structure of reinforced concrete and wood with zinc coping. Self-levelling floors of craftwork brick tiles, wood. Traditional render of aerated lime paste and whitewash with the addition of natural pigments. Betão e Taipa was responsible for the entire construction.

Building Stats
Building area 550 m2
Volume of rammed earth 260 m3
Location Beja municipality
Designed by Bartolomeu Costa Cabral, João Gomes and Mário Anselmo Crespo
Date built 2006

Building with Earth

Building with Earth
From Cultural Heritage to Contemporary Architecture
Professionals, Know-how and Techniques in Europe

On Wednesday, 4 and Thursday, May 5th, 2011, in Marseille (France)
Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Chamber of the Hotel of Region
(27, Place Jules Guesde – Marseille 2nd)

This symposium is organized by the Ecole d’Avignon and ICOMOS France, in partnership with the Escola Superior Gallaecia (PT), the Polytechnic University of Valencia (SP), the University of Florence (IT) and the Adviser in Architecture, Urban planning and Environment (CAUE) of Vaucluse (FR), in the framework of the European project Terra Incognita. Earthen architecture in Europe (Culture Programme 2007-2013). It receives the assistance of the Research Laboratory for Historical Monuments (LRMH) and the collaboration of the Confederation of artisans and small companies in the building trade (CAPEB).

We invite you to consult the programme of these days (see attached) and send your registration form before April 22, 2011, to Ms. Victoire DORISE, responsible for coordinating registration (icomos.france@wanadoo.fr or fax: +33 (0)1 47 55 19 61).

The publications which will be presented at the occasion of the symposium are available to order. You can reserve them from now on by returning us the order form attached.

For more information, we suggest visiting the web page of the symposium.

In the continuity of this event, you’re invited to participate to an important meeting dedicated to the launching of an European network for earthen architecture. This meeting is open to all individuals and institutions interested in the field and will be held on Friday, May 6th (10:00 am – 01:00 pm), at the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (on registration, within the limits of the available places).

Looking forward to meeting you in Marseille,

Yours faithfully,

Michel VAUZELLE, President of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur,
Pierre-Antoine GATIER, President of ICOMOS France,
Patrice MOROT-SIR, Directeur de l’Ecole d’Avignon,
Isabelle PALLOT-FROSSARD, Director of the Research Laboratory for Historical Monuments (LRMH).

For more information download:
EA TI COLL PROGR 2011 EN_Mise en page 1.pdf
Fiche inscription EN.doc
Kit Publications_EN.pdf


TECNOTIERRA COLOMBIA, entidad colombiana desea difundir este evento para el mes de marzo….se esta promoviendo un taller practico integral de arquitectura sostenible con tierra, el taller esta dirigido a todo tipo de publico interesado en aportar al habitar el planeta y construir su hábitat de una forma ecológica y respetuosa con la naturaleza, aminorando el gasto energético de los materiales…en esta experiencia realizaremos la transferencia tecnológica con tres sistemas constructivos. El taller se programo dos fines de semana, 6 días y 48 horas de vivencia practica.

Para mayor información pueden escribirnos y desde allí se les entregara
mayor ilustración con la preinscripción en el correo electrónico

tallerarquitecturatierra@gmail.com, esperamos nos demuestre su intéres y
les haremos llegar todo el contenido del proyecto, el cupo es limitado…

Como sabemos que cada uno de ustedes tiene su red de conocidos, que les
puede interesar el tema les pedimos el favor de colectivizar esta
información y esperamos que cada vez seamos mas profesionales, personas
interesadas y con herramientas para hacer una arquitectura mas respetuosa
con el medio ambiente…..


Comite organizador y Arq. LUCIA E. GARZON


Celular 57 3102450630

International Rammed Earth Workshop

On the 7th, 8th & 9th April, 2011 again is a time when we would expect you all to participate in ‘International Rammed Earth Workshop’. Austrian resident DI Hanno Burtscher has been especially invited to pass on his knowledge of rammed earth. You can read more about him, the modules and topic at www.prithwe.com There would be different approach to earth as building material, all the people associated with building material, architects and engineers, nature enthusiasts, clay&ceramic designers, interior designers, permaculture/organic farmers & all others who love nature must come forward and utilize this opportunity to know the mother earth

Other important details:
Workshop Venue: 1 Middle Road, off Napier Road, camp, Pune
Timing: 9am to 5pm
Course Fee: Rs 5999/- 140USD for all 3 days.
Breakfast & Lunch included..

Please write to us for more details. ( visa and staying facility for international & outstation candidates can be organized separately on request)

Bharti ( prithwe@hotmail.com)
Prithwe Institute of Building Biology & Ecology
Tel.: 020-26354487 / 020-26343566

US/China Workshop on Earth Based Materials and Sustainable Structures & Forum on Hakka Rammed Earth Buildings (Tulou)’ 2011

The West Virginia University Constructed Facilities Center, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA and Xiamen University Department of Civil Engineering, Xiamen, Fujian, China, in conjunction with the International Symposium on Innovation & Sustainability of Structures in Civil Engineering (ISISS’2011), is pleased to host the US/China Workshop on Earth Based Materials and Sustainable Structures & Forum on Hakka Rammed Earth Buildings (Tulou)’ 2011. The workshop will take place October 28 -30, 2011 at Xiamen University in Xiamen, China.

Thru the proposed workshop, the organizers would like to bring together researchers from the USA and China along with invited participants from Australia, Canada, Japan and UK to conduct a joint workshop at XMU on research potential of earth based materials and sustainable structures. The objectives of the proposed workshop will be: 1) to exchange success stories and lessons learned from the use of rammed earth as a structural material and construction technique for sustainable structures, including review of current rammed earth construction specifications and standards, 2) to address challenges and strategies for advancing the use of earth based structural materials in modern construction, 3) to establish a network of professionals to catalyze collaborative research, development and implementation including international partnerships, and 4) to develop joint R&D programs with emphasis on utilization of rammed earth material in modern construction by minimizing embodied energy. In addition, the workshop participants will have opportunity to witness the sustainability of World Heritage Hakka (ancient) village in-service and learn a few exemplary lessons potentially leading to modifications in contemporary construction techniques.

For more information on the worshop and forum events visit http://www2.cemr.wvu.edu/~rliang/ihta/forum2011.htm. More information on the International Hakka Tulou Alliance (IHTA) can be found by visiting http://www2.cemr.wvu.edu/~rliang/ihta.htm. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Workshop Organizer: Dr. Ruifeng (Ray) Liang, rliang@mail.wvu.edu, (304) 293 9348

PUCP – Terra 2012 – Call for submission of abstracts: Deadline extension

The organizers of the Terra 2012 Conference are pleased to announce that more than 200 abstracts have been received. In order to meet the request of many people interested in participating in the Conference, the deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended until Monday, March 21st, 2011. For more information go to http://congreso.pucp.edu.pe/terra2012/.

Los organizadores de la Conferencia Terra 2012 tienen el placer de comunicar que se han recibido más de 200 resúmenes de ponencias. Para atender al pedido de muchas personas interesadas en participar en la conferencia se ha ampliado el plazo de recepción de resúmenes hasta el lunes 21 de marzo de 2011. Para más información consultar en http://congreso.pucp.edu.pe/terra2012/.