United Bottle

The Zürich based architecture office INSTANT (Dirk Hebel & Jörg Stollmann with Tobias Klauser) has designed a water bottle that can be recycled and filled with local soil and stacked to form temporary shelter. The concept, called UNITED_BOTTLE can be used by Governments and NGOs to distribute water locally and regionally and be able to upcycle the bottle as a building material in combination with found materials such as sand, earth and natural insulation materials such as animal hair. The simple water bottle would operate as a container for the awareness of the next crisis.

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  1. The ‘wobo’ was made of glass, this is plastic, but…

    this is very similar/identical to an invention by a South African designer. Saw his patent in 2002 (worked part-time at registration office), …can someone say lawsuit… 😉

    Neat idea at the time, still is…

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