John Novotny, a Melbourne resident, has developed a very simple and innovative method of rammed earth construction that results in houses massively cheaper than conventional ones and with amazing environmental benefits. Mixing the ancient universal simplicity of earth with modern engineering principles, Novotny developed a concrete-jacket rammed-earth wall system (“Novoram”) that is simple to construct and structurally robust. The resulting walls are built mostly of earth but have a thin concrete jacket and concrete posts integrated into the wall.

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  1. As a Bricklayer by trade, and soon to be Builder, I am interested in building methods using solid walls, that can be formed and poured.
    I love your article and was until now looking at conrete, but the rammed earth seems to make sense.
    I would like to learn the methods of using this system.
    Regards Rod Towler.
    Scone, NSW.

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