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Architects Keith Zawistowski and Marie Richard, alumni of Rural Studio, recently built two rammed earth walls as a land art installation in the New Mexico desert. For this project, they collaborated with CRATerre to reaserch traditional earth building techniques and developed a slip form system for rammed earth, which eliminated form tie holes and can be handled by only two people. Using this system and earth mined from the site they constructed 220 foot long walls.

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  1. Dear You,

    Suggestion: Land Art Project in South Africa

    Strongly community based and privately financed. Talented people from local communities are invited to create landmarks with material from the land. The objects are grounded in African roots and local folklore. Known examples are ‘Mama Africa’ (earth sculpture dedicated to African women) and the Goodi Windii Monument (dedicated to the Australian aboriginal who went ‘down under’ to visit a far away relative).

    The Land Art Project in South Africa is located in Klaas Voogds, 10 kilometres East of Robertson in the Western Cape in South Africa; a wineproducing area with a high percentage of alcoholism and HIV/AIDS.

    The project is initiated by Soekershof; Private Mazes & Botanical Gardens in South Africa. More info about this whimsical enterprise:
    Soekershof is, as only in the Robertson Wine Valley, certified by Fair Trade in Tourism in South Africa ( .

    Herman van Bon
    Yvonne de Wit
    info at

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