Cob House in South Carolina


The builders, Jacques Abelman, Nik Bertulis and Aysha Massel , were pushing two extremes of tradition construction and materials in an experimental project to assemble and build a fully living structure in Seneca, South Carolina.

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  1. i remember jacques as a toddler in washington,county pennsylvania living in and old farmhouse.perhaps it was a suliminal inspiration for this work

  2. Having recently read an article on cob building I am seriously considering building myself a cob house in the Spartanburg, SC area. I searched “SC cob house” to know what kind of codes and other issues that SC people might come up against. I’d love to hear back from the builders to any resistance or assistance they encountered in building in the state.

    1. I am on this same exploration of having a cob home in South Carolina.
      any information known please contact me, as well. Thank-you, jB

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