Mud Brick Industry In India

Approximately 58% of all buildings in India are mud brick and a growing construction boom in India, coupled the inability for peasants to support themselves by farming is luring residents from the country side into the brick making business. However, hand made mud bricks are now often dried and fired in inefficient coal fueled kilns that make the work dangerous and pollute the environment consuming 200 tons of coal for every million bricks they produce. NY Times

Photo by J. Adam Huggins for The New York Times

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    1. our brick making machine can produce the strong and solid briks, with consumption large flyash, or produce sandlime bricks, the brick plants which use our machines are fine examples in 30 provinces and cities in China

  1. The article about the brick making in India by the poor, Mud Brick Industry In India, Thursday, June 7, and the photo by J. Adam Huggins are awesome.
    Here is a possible solution:
    The solar ovens used by some American Indian tribes in the high plateau of Arizona can get very hot, and they are solar powered, and small.
    How about asking american college students who need to go overseas in order to get an MBA, to find american funding for their little project, and then find out how hot the ovens need to be, and the cheapest and most low tech way to produce these solar ovens.
    The students earn credit, as they learn grantsmanship, and they also build their good reputations for investing their time in worthy and successful pro bono work.
    Coronella Keiper, USA

  2. All right, try it. Put up a tent and see how many cops you attract and how often they keep you standing there while checking every known database trying to get something on you. Put up a cob hut and see how quickly a property owner orders you off. Start living in any kind of hut and see how fast the police arrive to arrest you and condemn your hut as unfit for living in, according to county codes. The problem isn’t building things. The problem is people. They don’t want ‘scum’ around.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am looking for a Auto Brick Plant with a capacity of 50000pcs/8h.
    The brick should be made by mud and dry in room then fire.
    Best regards

  4. I am insterested in clay brick making machinery.soil consideration is calcium carbonate which break our brick please show additives components for super brick.

  5. Sir , we are intersted in ClayBrick plant . so please send the quotation and details with Kiln for FIRING the BRICKS .along with the Project Report .As early as Possible

  6. Dear Sir,
    I am looking for a Auto Brick Plant with a capacity of more than 25000pcs/8h.which can produse brick in less then labour cost and quick
    The brick should be made by mud and dry in room then fire.

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