EarthCo Megablock™

The EarthCo Megablock™ is a construction delivery system that combines onsite manufacturing with a simple and efficient mechanical placement. The system converts local soils into giant modular building blocks—a small block can measure 18” wide by 12” tall is over 14 feet long and weighs more than 1 ton.

Example of an compressed and extruded Megablock™

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  1. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, if you are to old to stack standard earthblock do this for your own projects. There is obviously to much shit to go wrong here. Get a tractor to do you lifting of these, that is if you are handicaped. There is no way aroung earth construction, it is labor intensive. This is only going to give it a bad rap, I see cracking and what not with this idea. You sir fail!!

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