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  1. I¥m from Honduras, Central America and I would like to know about the Masters degree in Earth architecture. What do I have to do to apply.
    Do you have facilities for sigle mother to apply.



  2. i am an architect from india
    i am really interested in joining the course at craterre
    what are the requirements? what is the fee structure?
    how do i apply?
    i am involved with mud architecture here and would like to learn more.
    i would also like to involve myself with the unesco program

  3. Im an architect from Colombia. I think that Craterre is a great oportunity to learn more about the earth architecture and to share my experiences here. im very interested in the masters degree How do apply? what are the requirements?

  4. Somos una ONG que esta apoyando la creación de la Escuela Técnica de Construcción con Tierra, en las ciudades de Coro-La Vela, Venezuela (Patrimonio Mundial). Proyecto que espera el rescate y preservación del conocimiento de viejos artesanos, rescate de importantes construcciones en tierra de la zona que están en peligro de desaparición y formación profesional de jóvenes artesanos. Requerimos del apoyo internacional para solventar la difícil burocracia nacional que menosprecia los objetivos del proyecto ¿Podrían ayudarnos a fortalecer este proyecto?

  5. i am an architect working in bangalore, india.
    i have been working with mud and stone for the past one year. i would like to know how to enroll into the masters degree, what are the requisites.

    1. Hi Sharath, I am an architect working in Bangalore and i would like to work with Earth Architecture. Could you help me out by giving me a lead to some firms which practice in such work in bangalore. I would appreciae any help u can give me…..

    2. hi sarah. hanno my name. i am architect and specialized in rammed earth.

      i am currently building up a network for rammed earth workshops in asia. are there people interested in rammed earth in bangalore?

      i will be in bangalore for a week in january and would like to meet interested people.

      best regards, hanno

  6. im a graduation student from india interested to do my mater degree at Craterre…how can i get admition ?
    what is the fee structure ?

  7. I am an undergraduated student of civil engineering at los Andes University Bogoa Colombia, and im working in a proyect for making houses made up by blocks of compressed soil. Im looking for donations that might help people that runs from their homes due to violence and guerrilla. The donations are not money, just we are looking old CINVA-Rams for giving them this machine and with some other resoursed they may satrt building their homes and a new life. Thank you. If some one is interested in helping please contact me at: a.martinez198@uniandes.edu.co

  8. I am interested to institute a school for architecture near Hyderabad, India. How can I colloborate with your institution ?
    I am pretty serious about an institution with difference.
    I love to visit your place during my next visit to Europe.
    Thanks to your earliest attention,

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