Villa Jasmin

The Villa Jasmin was designed by Moroccan architect Elie Mouyal and ADAMA Building & Architecture Ltd. The walls are constructed of load bearing rammed earth with fired vaulted adobe brickwork ceilings.The house is named after the mediterranean flower, and represents a neo-traditional style of architecture that reflects influences from the bizanthine, nubian, greco-roman and moorish styles.

The house is build around a patio that has a south aperture. The patio is the center of the house and the center of the patio has a flat fountain that is an allusion to water source of life. Walls are contructed of stabilized rammed earth in compliance with australian standard that reach high strength of near 2200 psi with 5 % of cement content.

The ceilings employ the nubian technique for laying bricks without need of forms that reduce timber use to minimum. Bricks are layed with mortar in circular or curved patterns each row laying on the previous with continuous care on stability, transfering thrust to the walls. The pointed arched vaults employ a corbelled coursing of the bricks, alleviating the use of scafoling.

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