Salma Samar Damluji

Salma Samar Damluji, 51, is an architect, author and the leading authority on mud brick building in Yemen and the Middle East. Her exhibition, ‘The Architecture of Yemen’, is at the Royal Institute of British Architects, Portland Place, London until February 9. Divorced with a son of 27, she lives in London but is creating a home as well as a hotel in Masna’ah, Yemen. Her book The Valley of Mud Brick Architecture is a scholarly book concentrating on the architecture and town planning of two towns in the Hadhramawt, Shibam and Tarim, Yemen.

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  1. Samar : I was being nostalgic about the AA and going through old postcards I found one of yours. Glad things appear to have gone well for you.
    Best wishes
    John S.

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