Conejos, Colorado


This stereoview photograph from the 1870s is of the historic Catholic church in Conejos, Colorado. The building was constructed between 1860-1863 under the direction of pastor Fr. Jose Vigil. The building replaced an older jacal structure that served as the church from 1858-1860 and was destroyed by fire in 1926.



“An Old Adobe House. Tia Juana, Mexico” says the caption on the front of this photo postcard from 1911.

(New) Mexican Home


The caption of this photo postcard from 1915 reads, “Mexican home in New Mexico.” Printed text on back talks about adobe houses and their construction to resist heat in summer and cold in winter as well as, “The Mexicans are courteous and hospitable.”

Santa Fe


“Team of Burros” and “Adobe house drying red peppers” both in Santa Fe, New Mexico, circa 1910.

Temple Block


The Temple Block is a ten acre square, encompassed by a solid stone and adobe wall, 12′ high and 3′ thick, with large gates on each of the 4 sides. Within the walls are the Great Mormon Temple Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, Bureau of Information, Museum and the First House built in Utah, which is also constructed of adobe.