Filipino Adobe


Photo of four people posing infront of a Spanish Colonial era adobe Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. c.1910.

Architecture for the Poor


Architecture for the Poor: An Experiment in Rural Egypt describes Hassan Fathy’s plan for building the village of New Gourna, near Luxor, Egypt, without the use of more modern and expensive materials such as steel and concrete. Using mud bricks, the native technique that Fathy learned in Nubia, and such traditional Egyptian architectural designs as enclosed courtyards and vaulted roofing, Fathy worked with the villagers to tailor his designs to their needs. He taught them how to work with the bricks, supervised the erection of the buildings, and encouraged the revival of such ancient crafts as claustra (lattice designs in the mudwork) to adorn the buildings.

Modern Earth Building 2003

The Modern Earth Building 2003 conference and exhibition will be held October 24 to 26, 2003 in Berlin, Germany. The conference will be present a wealth of experiences gained in earth building in various countries as well as lectures by renowned speakers discussing current issues in earth building

El Paso


Caption on the front of this postcard reads, “Old Mission Style of Adobe House, A Mexican Residence, W.H. Horne Co., El Paso, Tex.” and is postmarked from El Paso, Oct 20, 1919. Message on the back is “How would you like to live in a mud house like this?”