Chinese-American Earth Building


The caption on this photo reads, “Historical Landmark, Adobe Building, Dutch Flat, California, circa 1960. Built by the Chinese in 1877. Instead of adobe bricks, they used a solid-wall type of construction. Dutch Flat California is a quaint old mining town of the Gold Rush Days, which in 1853 had a population of 6,000 including 3,5000 Chinese”. The solid-wall construction method probably refers to rammed earth.

Dolores San Francisco


This 1944 photo of the “historic, little, old Mission Dolores is San Francisco’s oldest establishment. It was founded in 1776, and services have been held in the adobe building ever since. Located at Dolores and 16th Streets, the mission stands alongside a modern church of the same faith. Five-foot thick adobe walls separate the mission from a quaint old graveyard, where scores of pioneers are buried.”