Earth Building Research Forum

The Earth Building Research Forum was set up by Dr Kevan Heathcote and Mr Gregory Moor in the Faculty of Design Architecture and Building of UTS in December 1999. It was originally envisaged as a forum for disseminating ideas and research into the performance of earth buildings but has since been widened to include a database of earth building projects, information on forthcoming conferences, linkages to other earth building sites and to include more general articles on the subject. The Forum hosted an international earth building conference at UTS in January 2005 (EarthBuild 2005) and this is planned to be a biennial event. The Conference brought together engineers, environmentalists, builders and architects from around the world.

Getty Center Conservation Newsletter on Earthen Architecture

From the Getty Center Conservation Newsletter Volume 16, Number 1 – Spring 2001

The Conservation of Earthen Architecture by Alejandro Alva Balderrama

Conservation and Continuity of Tradition: A Discussion about Earthen Architecture with Anthony Crosby, Hugo Houben, John Hurd, Neville Agnew, Erica Avrami

Project Terra by Erica Avrami

Joya de Cerén: Conservation and Management Planning for an Earthen Archaeological Site by Carolina Castellanos, Françoise Descamps, and María Isaura Aráuz

Earth Architecture Discussion Forums

Two discussion forums on the web dealing with earth architecture are:

Adobe Group, Suncured earthen adobe bricks, not the software, used for home and large building construction. Mainly a forum for owner-builders worldwide to exchange ideas, techniques, inspiration and support. Professional builders, architects, engineers and students are most welcome. This group was founded on the idea that plain, simple adobe as used over the millennia works well in the modern world and needs no improvement, just encouragement. English language group moderated by Quentin Wilson of El Rito, New Mexico, U.S.

Arqui-Terra, La tierra ha sido y es el material de construcción más utilizado por la humanidad. La ciudad prehispánica de Chan Chan (Perú), las murallas milenarias, las kasbahs de Marruecos, mezquitas de Mali, rascacielos de Yemen, algunas obras de Gaudí y modernos hoteles en EEUU son de tierra. También un tercio de las viviendas de la humanidad. Esta lista pondrá en contacto a los interesados por la arquitectura de tierra europeos y latinoamericanos, para su estudio y conservación. Spanish language group moderated by Jose Maria Sastre Martín of Castilla y León, Spain.

Rammed Earth Tamper


We asked the pros what they use in the construction of rammed earth walls. The answer was the Jet-2T Sand Rammer Backfill Tamper. The rammer, traditionally used in foundries to compact sand for casting., is pneumatically powered and has a rubber butt, which is replaceable. The best deal we have found on the internet is at Southern Tool for $596.67.