Mediterra 2009: 1st Mediterranean Conference on Earth Architecture

Mediterra 2009: 1st Mediterranean Conference on Earth Architecture will take place 13-16 March 2009 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Mediterra 2009 aims principally to state the art of research, to study recent achievements in heritage conservation and architectural design, to increase university and professional training and to gather the network activities developed in the Mediterranean region.

This 1st Conference will include specialists from throughout the Mediterranean region. It will also have a transdisciplinary contribution that will bridge natural sciences, social sciences, and professional practices. A new global challenge requires a broad definition of a new discipline, with earth architecture at the crossroads of the sciences. The Mediterranean Region, with its history of many cultures and civilizations, now emerges as the core of new political and societal challenges being shared among Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Friday 13th – Opening of the Conference (Presentations related with the 1st Theme)
Saturday 14th – Conference (Presentations related with the 2nd and 3rd Themes). Official dinner.
Sunday 15th – Conference and Closure (Presentations related with the 4th and 5th Themes)
Monday 16th – Visit to earth architecture in Sardinia

DiARCH Facoltà di Architettura, University of Cagliari
ESG Escola Superior Gallaecia
CRATerre-ENSAG International Research Center and Unesco Chair earth architecture
RAS Regione Autonoma della Sardegna

Under the Aegis of
UNESCO World Heritage Centre
ICCROM International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
ICOMOS-ISCEAH International Scientific Committee on Earthen Architectural Heritage
GCI Getty Conservation Institute

Important Dates
30 June 2008 – Abstract submission
31 July 2008 – Notification of abstract’s acceptance
30 September 2008 – Sending of full paper
15 November 2008 – Notification of paper’s revision
15 December 2008 – Final paper delivery

1. Earth-building cultures and traditional architecture
2. Archaeology, history and anthropology
3. Conservation of cultural heritage
4. Research about architecture, town planning and cultural landscape
5. Academic teaching and professional training

French & English (with simultaneous translation)

For more information download the conference brief or contact:
Mediterra 2009 – Facoltà di Architettura – DiARCH
Piazza d’Armi 16 – 09123 Cagliari – Italy
Tel. (+39) 070 6755807
Fax (+39) 070 6755816

7 Replies to “Mediterra 2009: 1st Mediterranean Conference on Earth Architecture”

  1. I know 4 continents (in the earth planet): Americhe, Antartide, Eurafrasia, Oceania; but in the olimpic flag they are 5

  2. It is true that “3 billion people lives or works in building constructed of earth”, but is olso true that often they are very poor. If we asked them: do you want to live in a skyscraper or a house on earth? What do we respond?

    1. If they know anything about earth architecture they respond with “a well constructed adobe or rammed earth structure” (which maintain humidity between 40 and 60% and are excellent insulators). They will know that adobe is biodegradable and has a low carbon footprint because it rarely must be transported and can be made on site with only human labor. Furthermore, if the person enjoys the excercise and the satisfaction that comes from physically constructing his/ her home, he/ she will opt to construct his/ her own structure.

  3. This architecture is beautiful if we would be a “Hobbit people”, see J.R.R. Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings.

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