Do Some “Good” with the Voute Nubian For Burkina Faso

The Voute Nubienne Association has recently made an agreement with an eco-urban property developer in California, LJUrban, that, for every house they sell in their ‘Good’ project in Sacramento, and for every 10,000 clicks on their project website, they’ll fund the training of one VN mason in our Programme in Burkina Faso. This is very important for us, as the main brake on development of our ‘Earth roofs in the Sahel’ programme is the speed at which new apprentices can be recruited and trained to meet the demand for VN houses, to replace the dreadful tin-roof shacks in which so many poor families in the Sahel live.

If you want to help, please go to their website at:

and click on the ‘Goodometer’ you’ll find there—it’s that easy! Even easier, just click on Goodometer below.

Please encourage your friends to do likewise…every click counts!

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